Taking your concept on a journey of discovery

We know that innovative ideas are precious, so we adopt a fresh approach to every project, and create something you see working with your very own eyes. 




Before we start planning your project, we take the time to learn everything about it and what makes it special.



We collate all the existing information, and figure out where we can pick things up and get the project moving.



We will present you with a formal plan that spells out how we can make your product a reality.



Read more about our 3-phase approach below

We love getting into the detail of creative design. Letting our imagination loose so we can formulate new ideas, adjust, and refine. 



We bring all our ideas together in one room, and think through everything that goes into making your product what you want it to be. 


By learning everything about your consumer and target market, we can focus on what really matters. 


By taking onboard everything we have learned so far, we can turn constraints into specifications. 


We explore the harmony between function, form, material, color, usability, and ergonomics, to create a beautiful product that people will love.

Time for us to refine. We turn the design into a product by finding what works, and what does not. 



Engineering is about creating a harmony between form and function. We make sure the product does what it needs to, whilst staying true to your concept and original spark of inspiration. 


As essential step on the journey. Prototyping enables us to assess the relationships between every component of the product, and make adjustments with a flexible and agile approach. 


Making sure the product works by using it, it’s that simple. Then we make any necessary adjustments and tweaks, and perform a final quality audit for peace of mind. 


We provide a complete set of production drawings that include computer models and renderings. Essential for telling manufacturers what you need.

This step is all about allowing you to hold your creation in the palm of your hand, and be ready to tell the world. We find materials and manufacturers, and guide you through every step of the process



By this stage we know your product from top to bottom, and inside out. Armed with all the information we need, we find all the necessary materials so you don't have to. Once we find the suppliers, we pass everything to the manufacturer.



We are with you every step of the way, and provide an ongoing quality check as your product rolls off the assembly line.